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Best Cosmetic and Asthetic Dentist in Udaipur

It is a technique of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is done to improve your smile and boost up your confidence. Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Mahak Jain at Mumbai dental clinic & implant Centre is an expert to provide all cosmetic dentistry procedures to all patients around the globe.

Tooth Whitening

Everyone desires to have shiny and bright teeth. People with discolored teeth often lose some great opportunities in their life and also lack confidence. The bright and shiny teeth surely increase your confidence level as well as your persona. So, people always try different methods to keep their teeth white and bright. Tooth whitening/ bleaching is a procedure done to enhance the shade of the teeth. This procedure is done in 1 or 2 sittings depending upon the shade of the tooth.

When patients visit us in Udaipur our cosmetic dentist evaluates the condition of the teeth and explains the procedure to the patient. This is a completely non-invasive pain-free procedure that can be completed in max 2 hours of sitting.Special bleaching materials are available at our clinics in Udaipur by which is process is done.Teeth whitening is a new and innovative procedure where white and bright teeth are guaranteed and within 2 hours max. It can whiten your teeth in a single office visit because the entire process of teeth whitening consumes hardly 2 hours. Sure shot results of at least 3-4 shades jump. The cost depends upon the cycles needed to achieve a good shade. It also includes full mouth scaling & polishing, a maintenance tray & gel.

Cosmetic dentist in udaipur

Treatment Of Fluoride and spacing

If your teeth are affected by fluoride bleaching is not advisable. In these cases usually, composite veneering or porcelain veneering is the line of treatment.

Composite veneering is completely done on the chairside, no shaping or change in tooth structure is done. Composite is dental filling material that is applied on the tooth surface in a specific quantity and shape to enhance the smile. Composite veneers procedure usually takes 2 sittings one for proper cleaning and placement of veneers and the second one for proper polishing and follows up. If you do proper care of the oral cavity Composite veneers stay for a longer duration but they may get chipped off if you don’t take good care of your teeth. Specific instructions are given to you by our cosmetic dentist to maintain the composite veneers.

Porcelain veneers are the most advanced way to resolve the complaint of fluorosis and spacing between teeth. The tooth is prepared and shaped in a specific dimension, proper impressions are taken and sent to the lab to prepare. Shape size can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient. Our dentist in Udaipur explains to the patients what shape and size would be perfect for their teeth. Once the veneers are prepared to trial is done on the patient to check the fitting and shade. In the final part pasting of the porcelain veneers is done and instructions are given to use them.

Porcelain veneers are thin delicate shells that are pasted only on the front surface of the tooth. The remaining part of the tooth is not touched and has been left intact. The life of porcelain veneers is very long compared to composite veneers and the results are drastically awesome.

Cosmetic dentist in udaipur Cosmetic dentist in udaipur

Tooth Jewellery

why to wear diamonds only on your finger, we can fix a diamond on your teeth as well. Nowadays a number of individuals are opting for contemporary aesthetics for themselves. Tooth jewelry is one of the latest trends which have emerged successfully in the last few years. This shining crystal is an attractive feature that is prominently seen when an individual smiles. These days tooth crystals have become a part of the jewelry of young females. These crystals can be prominently seen in the front teeth. Therefore, this is the most preferred area for the same. One of the most common teeth for the tooth crystal is the second/third tooth from the front in the upper left and right quadrant.

It can last for a relatively long period if maintained properly. It makes the procedure worth the investment. Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Mahak will ensure that you get quality tooth crystal is placed over the teeth so that the aesthetic features are seen visibly when the patient smiles. If it gets loose unexpectedly, it can be re-attached without much hassle.Nowadays it is available in multiple colors as well. It is placed according to the choice of the patient. The procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes of the time and precautions and instructions are guided at the time of cementation.

Cosmetic dentist in udaipur

Cleaning and Polishing

Normal and deep cleaning and polishing are an important part of dental treatment. Every person should go for normal cleaning and polishing every six months. Time consumption is just 30-45 minutes depending on the condition of the teeth. Those who have a habit of chewing tobacco and smoking must have to undergo for the cleaning and polishing every six months.Tooth cleaning and polishing removes your deposited plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces and gives proper space to bone & gums to anchorage the tooth, otherwise bleeding gums, gums recessions, severe sensitivity, bad smell are common issues that you can face. Do not ignore a regular visits to our dental clinic in Udaipur to get the check-up done and our dentist in Udaipur will guide you properly.

Aesthetic dentist in udaipur Aesthetic dentist in udaipur

Gum Depigmentation

Dark color or blackish color gums above front teeth become a mark of embracement for some patients. Gum Depigmentation is there to resolve the problem. The process is done by laser which is pain-free and improves the aesthetics. Gum contouring laser treatment is extremely precise and brings out the best results.

Aesthetic dentist in udaipur

Gummy Smile Correction

If you notice that your front teeth are substantially covered up by your gums, then you are having a gummy smile indeed. Undoubtedly, a gummy smile hampers your beautiful smile and makes it unappealing at times because your gums hide your beautiful-looking teeth while smiling. However, Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre has come forth with several painless and bloodless treatments for a gummy smile that can correct your gummy smile. Besides, the traditional surgical procedure of treating gummy smiles, Dr. Mahak and Dr. Siddharth also offer a Laser Gummy Smile Correction procedure that helps patients with a gummy smile to enjoy an aesthetic look. This treatment procedure actually is employed to reduce the length of the gums and to balance the gum tissues so as to shape and size the upper lip and to make the teeth look better than ever before.

Do not bother about the reason for the gummy smile our best cosmetic dentists in Udaipur are always available to provide the finest and pain-free laser treatment to the patients. During the laser treatment procedure, our dentists will use laser and re-shape the available loose gum tissues, without compromising the biological width, so as to make your teeth expose more than before.

These all are Cosmetic dental procedures that are provided at both the branches at Madhuban and sector 14, Udaipur. Our expert Dr. Mahak Jain is committed to providing the best dental treatments to all the patients in Udaipur. If you are facing any of the issues and want to get your dental cosmetic treatment done visit us at our clinic in Udaipur and our experts will resolve your issue.

Cosmetic dentist in udaipur

Our Expert :

Dr. Mahak Jain

Ever heard of a body alive without a heart! Her passion for her work and perseverance in dentistry is what makes her the chief dentist of the clinic. Meet Dr. Mahak Jain, the heart of this clinic! She is a BDS by qualification and a Cosmetic dentist as well. A perfect smile, authentic by thought, ingenuous by words, and humble by nature is what makes up Dr. Mahak. Want to be responsibly pampered and cared for? Then, you are at the right table! She is completely devoted to the profession and believes in complete transparency towards her patients. Otherwise, she is an adventure geek and loves to have fun with nature. In her spare time, she loves traveling. She always goes the extra mile to make sure she delivers the best service to her patients and brings the right smile to their faces.

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