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Dental Implants In Udaipur

Dental implants are a popular & effective solution for people who suffer from missing teeth & failing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are done to permanently replace teeth which are rotten or missing. Implants are made up of titanium metal which lessens the possibilities of any infection.

Types of implants

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Single Tooth Replacement

In single tooth replacement, only one tooth is implanted, followed by the crown prosthesis.

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Multiple Tooth Replacement

When more than one tooth is implanted it is called multiple tooth replacement. In this procedure, two or more implants are done followed by multiple units of bridges as required by the tooth.

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Replacement of all Teeth

Replacement of all Teeth: In this process, all the teeth are replaced by implants, which are supported by multiple bridges. Implants used are of different companies, made up of different materials and have different costs; patients can choose the implant according to their needs and budget.

Functioning of implants:

  1. A permanent replacement for the missing teeth.
  2. Functions like natural teeth.
  3. End the need of wearing dentures and claps which prevents damage of gums and other tissues.
  4. No need to wear any adhesives for dentures.
  5. Once it is fixed, it is not movable so no worries for removable dentures.