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Teeth Whitening Is the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding Day

Dr. Mahak Jain

Teeth Whitening Is the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding Day : Dr. Mahak Jain

Teeth are the most attractive part of the face while clicking pictures or talking to someone. It gives you proper confidence and reason to smile broadly in front of the camera in some function or taking selfies with your friends. Same in wedding the bride and groom are considered as queen and king respectively for the day and think if they have a bad smile or yellow teeth it will look so odd, they will feel under-confident and even the Photoshop can not correct your yellow smile. We have a solution for that our team of Dentists in Udaipur gives you treatment of teeth whitening and enhances the shade of your teeth.

Teeth whitening process is very less time-consuming and pain-free dentistry smile designing. For this process, you just have to book an appointment with us and visit us 15 days prior to the function. Every person has different kinds of teeth, shades, and textures. According to that shade selection, time and charges are advised to the patient. In some cases where teeth whitening can not be done due to adverse habits of the patient or excess fluorosis, we advise another treatment like veneering.

Once the person has confirmed the treatment the treatment is started and it takes around 45 minutes to complete. For more improvement of shade 1 more cycle has to be done. Once it’s done Proper shade improvement is shown to the patient before leaving the dental clinic. There are few instructions like not to drink coffee or tea too much, or no smoking after your bleaching process at least till your special day, otherwise, it may downgrade your shade.

Every smile is important for us and everyone wants a beautiful smile and it is our priority to make your smile beautiful. Sometimes due to improper condition of teeth or due to excessive habit of tobacco chewing tooth color changes from white to red. In these types of cases bleaching is not advisable, then comes the option of veneering which is also a completely safe procedure with better results.

All the procedures like Teeth whitening, composite veneering, porcelain veneering comes under cosmetic dentistry and our Dr. Mahak Jain is a certified cosmetic dentist for all these treatments. You should not be worried about your smile all you have to do is book an appointment with us get an expert opinion for your teeth and get it done. Not Only cosmetic dentistry We are committed to providing the best dental treatments in Udaipur.

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Dr. Mahak Jain

Ever heard of a body alive without a heart! Her passion for her work and perseverance towards dentistry is what make her the chief dentist of the clinic. Meet Dr. Mahak Jain, the heart of this clinic! She is a BDS by qualification and a Cosmetic dentist as well. A perfect smile, authentic by thought, ingenuous by words, and humble by nature is what makes up Dr. Mahak. Want to be responsibly pampered and cared for? Then, you are at the right table! She is completely devoted to the profession and believes in complete transparency towards her patients. Otherwise, she is an adventure geek and loves to have fun with nature. In her spare time, she loves traveling. She always goes the extra mile to make sure she delivers the best service to her patients and brings the right smile to their faces.

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