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Importance of Smile Designing in your life

Dr.Mahak Jain

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Smile is the first characteristic personality trait that is looked and observed by people. A good and attractive smile not only make people fond of you but also improves your self confidence level. However, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful smile. In that case, Smile Designing comes to rescue. Smile designing is a cosmetic process that is followed by many celebrities and even normal patients to have a straighter, beautiful, whiter smile, that looks pleasant and enhance the confidence of a person. It includes the process of complete dental restoration and appearance of teeth to make them appealing and beautiful smile. It is a very important cosmetic procedure in udaipurand worth the investment involved. Formerly a tedious and complex process to follow, the medical advancement has make the smile designing in udaipur a more faster and precise process by use of latest technologies. Also, Smile Designing reduces the aging effect on teeth and improves your facial beauty.

Process of smile designing:

The Smile Designing is been covered under a plan and is customised as per the requirements and oral health of the patients in order to reduce any sort of complexities. The smile designing process includes various processes like:

  1. First General consultation that includes the process of setting up of the cosmetic oral goal and identifying the underlying dental problems, if any, prior to carrying out of the smile designing process.

  2. A time line is set for the treatment in order to get the optimal results before the major events like marriage, engagement, graduation etc. This will help you to get the most optimal result on faster pace.

  3. All the dental problems and ailments are required to be treated prior to smile designing treatment in udaipur process to prevent any sort of complications related to dental health.

  4. Proper dental hygiene are required to be observed. Porcelain Veneers and crowns are also used if the teeth are weak and requires the restoration process due to old age. This will help the patient to reclaim the lost teeth and prevent any further oral damage.

  5. If the gum tissues are showing too much, a process of “gum lift” is carried out to make teeth more exposed and reduce the amount of gum showing.

  6. Teeth whitening is also carried out in case the patient is having discoloured teeth or plaque deposition, which affects the beauty of smile.

  7. Smile designing can be done by composite veneers/ porcelain veneers which gives the best results to the patients, depending on the condition the treatment is decided by our experts.

  8. Dental bridging, Dental implants are also done in few cases if there is a gap between the teeth of patients. This will make the teeth more symmetric and prevent any sort of gum bleeding

Precautions related to Smile designing :

Many precautionary measures are required to be taken in care during and after the smile designing process like regular cleaning of mouth with fluoride based mouthwash. Cleaning teeth with non-abrasive toothpaste. Regular flossing and gum massage is also a good practice for keeping a beautiful smile. Other practices like avoiding tea, coffee, alcohol and drinks with high sugar content or soda. Smoking cigarettes, vape etc should be avoided to prevent the tar deposition and discoloration of teeth and lips due to tannin compounds.
Conclusion is that the best curve of the body is smile and teeth gives you proper aesthetics and confidence to live your life fullest, and our experts are always there to help you. Don’t get hesitate to visit us and don’t hide your smile. Book an appointment today with us.

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