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How To Maintain Cleaning And Hygiene Of Your Teeth Replaced By Dental Implant?

Dr. Siddharth Jain

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Dental implants are most advanced way to replace missing teeth without involving adjacent teeth and gives proper functioning and aesthetics to the normal.

Although dental implants have very long life but only having dental implant replacement by our dentists in Udaipur is not enough, you also have to take care of it after the completion of procedure.

There are few tips by which you can maintain your implants and gives them a long life.

  1. Regular Follow ups

    Our experts always advice patients to maintain follow ups for once in a month for 1st six months so proper radiographic evaluation of dental implant and prosthesis can be done and if any food debris or particles which were not cleaned by yourself will be cleaned.

  2. Brushing Two Times A Day

    Like you brush your all natural teeth you have to brush the teeth given by the support of dental implant minimum twice a day, so no food deposits should remain there. Otherwise food may cause inflammation to your gums which can lead to undue pain.

  3. Gums Massage

    After every implant surgery our experts at Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre advice gum paints to the patients according to the type of surgery & nature of gums. Which should be maintained by you in proper manner same as demonstrated by our dentist at operatory.

  4. Use Water Flosser

    Several water flossers are available online or in the market which gives automatic water spray to your all natural teeth and implant supported teeth and keep them properly clean and healthy from all the bacteria and germs. You can ask us for recommendations.

  5. Avoid Smoking & Drinking

    Usually Dental implants take 3 months of time to heal properly in this duration if you smoke and drink it will delay the healing time and it may be dangerous. You should avoid it as much as you can.

These are some of the tips that will help you keep your dental implants clean and hygienic. Apart from this, getting an adequate Tooth Implant treatment and deep cleaning is also essential to extend their lifetime. For that, you can schedule your appointment with the professional dentists of Mumbai Dental Clinic & Implant Centre - Udaipur. Here you can get the best and hygienic treatment at genuine prices. So, book an appointment with us and live a happy life.