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Dr. Siddharth Jain

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Rotten and missing teeth are big issue related to dental health. The discomfort and embarrassment it causes is beyond explanation. Hence in this case, dental implants are the best solution to replace fractured and missing teeth. Especially for the elder people, the dental implants of premolars and molar teeth are of great help for biting and eating. The dental implant and other associated surgical process are a speciality of Mumbai Dental Clinic Udaipur we ensure our patients to provides the best dental care services in town. The Clinic has the best implantologists for carrying out the procedures related to dental implants for teeth.

The best part of the dental implants is that it does not affect the adjacent teeth. A great deal of dental implants are also placed to the patients suffering from single tooth to all missing teeth. The dental implants are made up of titanium, which is strongest and completely biocompatible material. With the latest advancement in the medical and dental technologies, the complete procedure is done under anaesthesia which make it complete pain free affair for the patients. Implant supported dentures are fixed which can only be removed by dentists and patients can gain their old aesthetics and functions back.

Types of Dental Implant techniques:

To replace multiple or all missing teeth several advancement has been made which are used by our experts at our clinics.

  1. Conventional Implants

    Made up of 2 parts, it has only root and tooth component, that are joined together.

  2. Basal Implants

    This are the implants with implantology components that used in cortical portion of jaw.

  3. All On 4 Implant System

    This are placed in the densest part of jaw and prevent the need of bane grafting.

  4. All On 6 Implant System

    It is placed in jaw bone in such a way that they act as a bridge and anchor the implants.

  5. Zygomatic Implants

    It is mainly used in maxilla region for two stage or immediate loading of implants.

  6. Ptrygoid Implants

    It is an implant system for posterior maxilla especially for molar and pre molar teeth.

All the above implants are done by our expert team at Mumbai dental clinic in Udaipur after proper evaluation of patients medical and dental health along with the condition of Jaw bone. Patients are properly explained about the treatment then the process is performed.

Benefits of Dental implants:

Besides this, the dental implants also helps in removing the discomfort caused due to missing or rotten tooth. However there are certain medical and health requirements for the patients that are required to be met in order to proceed with implant supported dentures. In general, denture implantation is carried out for the patients missing multiple teeth, consecutively. The gums and jaw bone health is required to be good and also the patient must be free from any sort of heart disease, neural ailment or diabetes. Also, the dental implant supported bridge is also a good alternative where one or two teeth are missing.

Components of Dental Implants:

Consists of 3 parts, Mainly

  1. Implant

    It is a metallic implant, made of titanium, to avoid infection, that fuses in jaw bone and holds the abutment.

  2. Abutment

    It is a small, cylindrical connector between the implant and crown. It is used to hold the crown at its place.

  3. Crown

    Also known as prosthesis, it is a natural looking tooth replacement that fits on abutment and sits in implant to act as real tooth.

Precautions related to Dental Implants:

A wide range of precaution and personal oral care is required to be followed by the patients looking for dental implant. Some of the major care measures that are required to be undertaken before and after the implant supported dentures are as follows:

  1. Regular follow ups are required to be taken, especially for first six months. It helps to get the radiographic evaluation of the fixtures and remove any food particles, suspended in implant

  2. Brushing twice the day to maintain the oral hygiene and prevent any sort of rotting between the teeth and implants.

  3. Gentle gum massage is also required to be practiced as it helps in reducing the inflammations of gums and pain due to denture implant, if any.

  4. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking before and after the implant to ensure the better oral health and any denture related problems.

If taken proper care, implant supported dentures from skilled Implantologist like at Mumbai Dental Clinic Udaipur can prove to be a great help to prevent and correct the facial deformation and discomfort caused due to missing teeth. So Book an appointment with us and get the best dental care from Best Implantologists and Dentists in Udaipur.

Our team is committed to provide best painless dental treatments to our all patients. Book an appointment today with us.