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Get fixed teeth with dental implants in 72 hours An advancement in implant dentistry

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Dental health and proper teeth structure is the major aspect in the overall health and well being of a person. Proper management of oral health will not only yield out a proper growth, but also a sustaining confidence and beautiful smile. However, many a times, due to certain reasons, people lose their enamel integrity and overall tooth, affecting their dental structure and confidence. Severe tooth decay, smoking, cavities, gingivitis and other factors can be a serious factor that may cause the tooth to be extracted and thus requires the cosmetic surgical procedure like dental implants. It is well recommended by skilled dental care experts like that at Mumbai Dental Clinic .

A dental implant can be termed as a replacement of natural tooth that is used at a place of damaged and decayed tooth. It is a very effective solution for such adverse and inconsolable situation. With the advancement in technology and dental health care, implants or bridges are very cost effective, pain free and time saving affair and may take about 72 hours in complete procedure. Skilled dentists like that of Mumbai Dental Clinic are very proficient and skilled to carry out these procedures with a greater ease and preciseness as they are the best dental care provider in udaipur .It mainly comprises of 3 parts: Fixture, abutment and crown. The Fixture is set surgically within the jaw or mandibular bone of a person. After the fixture is been set, an abutment is placed which act as a connecting link between a fixture and a crown. Followed by this procedure, a crown is been set up on abutment. A crown is generally a natural looking prosthetic part of an dental implant that is made up of durable material like acrylic, porcelain or ceramic. It performs the essential job of biting and chewing. Now a days due to advancement in the dentistry Single piece Implants are also available in which fixture and abutment are joined, and with in 72 hours single or multiple teeth are placed.

Various factors are been taken in consideration prior to opting for the dental implant. The location of the missing, damaged or decayed teeth is been identified and crown structure is been presumed. Also, the quality and bone density of jaw bone is looked after in order to ensure proper setting of fixture part in jaw bone. In relation to this, the overall health condition of the patients including blood pressure and sugar level is also seek after by the dental care experts like at Mumbai Dental Clinic.This helps in deciding the overall treatment cost and preferences of patients which is a very important aspect of dental treatment. Once all this attributes are been sorted out, the procedure is initiated and fixtures are placed followed by abutment and crown. Depending on the condition of the bone and overall health of the patients our experts do the implants. Different kind of implants like Conventional, Basal, Ptrygoid, Zygomatic, All on 4, All on 6 Implant systems are used and immediate prosthesis is given to patient to have food.

Skilled dental care and health workers like at Mumbai Dental Clinic are adequately skilled to offer the best dental implant solutions in Udaipur . They consider the patients history and requirement preferences in most effective way and suggest best suited dental implant and oral health solutions to their patients, in nominal cost and time.

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