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Full Mouth Rehabilitation: A Detailed Overview

Dr.Mahak Jain

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Since long time, smiles have been a major personality trait for people and making a perception about them. Good teeth, lips and even the gums are looked thoroughly while looking out the smile of a person. A good smile makes a decent impression and creates a positive image of a person. It is also playing a key role in alleviating the confidence of a person. However not many people are blessed with a good smile due to uneven teeth, yellow or missing teeth. In that case, Oral Rehabilitation also known as Full Mouth RehabilitationIt is a group process or dental procedures that include the reconstruction or resetting of dental structure of a person including the crown, bridges, veneers, dental implants etc. it also includes periodontal treatment to improve oral health. It helps in improving the health of teeth, gums, jaws, and overall face.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation include improvement in oral health, a good and attractive smile, enhanced self-confidence, and better biting. It is generally customized for every patient as per their need or medical requirements as per oral conditions. It includes a long series of processes covering in depth examination of oral cavity, dental x-rays, oral photography and measurement of mouth and dentures. The mold of affected teeth is also taken for detailed examination and more better setting up of teeth. Inlays, onlays, fillers, veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants and composite fillings are also included in the oral or full mouth rehabilitation process.The dental doctor will then make you familiar with the condition’s and the step that is required to be taken for the process of Full Mouth Rehabilitation. The major reason behind this process is multiple dental complication, cracked or broken teeth, cavities, decayed, missing or loose teeth. Also, the gums and overall mouth health is taken in consideration.

Other than that, other medical aspects are looked after like heart disease, diabetic history in family, neural ailment etc. all these aspects are looked after to avoid any sort of medical complication while carrying out the Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatment. Now a days, with latest technologies and medical advancements, prolonged medical sessions and frequent dental visits have been reduced to a significant level. Methods like sedation dentistry or under general anesthesia are opted to minimize the pain and duration of the treatment.

As the process of Full Mouth Rehabilitation differs from person to person, the duration of treatment and results may vary. But it’s worth the health benefits it gives back. Other than this, proper teeth and gum care and regular dental checkups can make the Full Mouth Rehabilitation to last longer and reduces the overall cost of treatment to a greater extent. Proper and timely dental and medical aid can help you to save yourself from losing your teeth and self-confidence and smile freely without any sort of pain or tension.

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