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Fluoride Affected Yellow Teeth : Choose Veneers Than Caps

Dr.Mahak Jain

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Having a good dental health is a very important and crucial aspect of well being of a person. A proper dental care is a great assurance for the long life of teeth. Various measures are used and applied to prevent the teeth from severe damages. In general perspective, fluoride is considered as a great remedial measure to have a great dental health. Many skilled dental experts and medical support like at Mumbai Dental Clinic recommend use of fluoride in adequate way to control the oral and teeth damage. However, excess amount of fluoride compound cause the adverse impact on dental health. This situation is known as fluorosis, that cause discoloration and yellowing of teeth, weakening of Enamel. Whitish patches on tooth. It is an unaesthetic condition that affects the overall look and beauty of your smile and personality.

Fluorosis is generally caused by local water supply that contains high concentration of fluoride to decontaminate water. In small quantity and limited usage, it is ok to use but prolong exposure may cause serious destruction to enamel of your teeth. Other than this, fortified soft drinks, fruit juices and taking fluoride supplements can be a cause of yellowing of teeth. With advancement of technology, this condition is curable by skilled and knowledgeable dental care experts like at Mumbai Dental Clinic. Teeth whitening and dental bleaching can be used for very mild to moderate condition where very less enamel involvement is there. However, in case of severe Discoloration and Damage of teeth, Veneers and caps or crowns are used to cure the situation.

Veneers are custom made shells made using high Porcelain compounds that resembles the enamel of human teeth according to shade of every patient. They are quite affordable and long lasting to provide a decent protection to teeth from fluorosis. They can be uniquely made as per patients dental condition and comfort and can be used for a longer period with proper care and usage. On the other hand, crowns or caps are relatively cheaper and temporary protection which does not stay for long in case of serious fluoride exposure. They are as effective as veneers but require more removal or change in some dental structure, which may cause weakening of tooth or loosening of gum , making them less comfortable. Also, they are easily visible as compared to veneers.

Majority of skilled and knowledgeable dentists and oral health experts like at Mumbai Dental Clinic will provide you with a great guidance and proper support to handle the yellowing of teeth with the further degeneration of dental health caused by fluorosis. Veneers are more effective and aesthetically beautiful as compared to caps as they are more look alike to natural human tooth enamel. In addition to this, they are also light and more comfortable as compared to other protective support like caps as they cover the teeth in effective manner and can be cleaned with minimal care. Also, the ability to make them customised helps in treating all type of oral and dental conditions, without any hassle.

Each and every patient has different shade, shape and smile on his/her face, we are always there to maintain your proper smile with proper dental treatments. We are one of the best Cosmetic and Aesthetic dental clinic for all treatments. We assure the patient with high end cosmetic treatment for all his/her dental needs. Visit us for regain your smile and boost your confidence.

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