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Covid 19 and Dental safety protocols

Dr. Mahak Jain

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Pregnancy is one of the most important and significant phase in a women’s life. With lots of physical, emotional, psychological and hormonal changes may lead to a range of health problems and misfunctioning. Hence, in this case, the proper maintaining of an oral health is a very important not only for the health of a mother but also the baby. Pregnancy are known to make the women’s more prone to dental problems like cavities, gingivitis and other periodontal problems which affect the oral health of a pregnant women. Hence, in such situation, expert guidance form a specialised dental care service provider and expert like Mumbai Dental Cliniccan be of great help.They can provide a great deal of guidance and support to a women who is dealing with poor oral health and dental problems during pregnancy. Also, a proper treatment is also imparted in case of occurrence of any disease or oral health issue.

About 62% of the pregnant women have gingivitis in which their gums bleed and swell up due to aggregated hormonal changes. It also affect the bone density and hence the joint of the jaw bones and teeth may be affected to a greater way. In serious cases, there is a risk of losing of teeth and may cause the need of untimely extraction. Also, the cravings during pregnancy may turn out to be a major reason of cavities and may transmit harmful bacteria in infants mouth. A research suggest that 1 out of every 4 women is greatly prone to unhygienic oral conditions and have untreated cases of cavities and damaged teeth. This may also cause the chances of cavities among children. There is also a greater susceptibility towards plaque deposition and may reduce the girth of teeth in jaws and swelling in salivary glands and cheek tissues.

Various measures and oral health care and hygiene measures are suggested by Mumbai Dental Clinicas expertise in dental care practices. Some of the healthy practices and measures which are suggested are as follows:

  • Brush twice a day to avoid any sort of plaque deposition and gingivitis.
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners with acidic food items that may affect the upper layer of teeth should be avoided or consumed in limit.
  • Preventing smoking, nicotine or caffeine intake during pregnancy. It will not only protect the teeth but also is good for foetal health.
  • Massage the gums and cheek muscles gradually in order to reduce the pain and swelling and bleeding of gums.
  • Take proper nutrition and vitamins especially Vitamin A, C and D to ensure proper bone and dental health.
  • Seek immediate dental care an support in case of any serious oral health concern.
  • Dental treatments can be done only in the 2nd trimester i.e. 4th 5th and 6th month. All dental procedures under guidance of gynaecologist are performed in this time period if required.

Other than this, proper and regular check ups and following of the guidelines as suggested by the skilled and experienced dental care experts like at Mumbai Dental Clinic are required to be followed thoroughly as it is good for mother and child health.

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