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Does your mouth smell bad or you have bleeding gums? We are the saviours

Dr. Siddharth Jain

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The mouth is the foremost, one of the most important part of human body, that is greatly prone to a range of diseases and oral health problems. Bad smell, falling teeth, toothache and bleeding gums are one of them. There can be a range of reasons and factors that causes bad smell in mouth and loosen, weak gums that makes the oral health very bad. In such case, a proper dental care help from the best dental care and dentist in Udaipur like at Mumbai Dental Clinic, Udaipur by Dr. Siddharth Jain and Dr. Mahak Jain will be a great rescue to your teeth and oral health problems. There can be various reasons pertaining related to bleeding gums and foul odour from mouth. Mumbai Dental Clinic, being the best oral health care clinic in Udaipur ,assures you with the best treatment and care for your teeth and mouth.

Why my mouth has bleeding gums and bad smell

A range of reasons for poor oral health and symptoms like bleeding gums, bad smell from mouth and even tooth ache are smoking, improper dental care, avoiding proper safety measures that are necessary for the proper health of your mouth. We at Mumbai Dental clinic, the finest dental care clinic in Udaipur will conduct the proper diagnostic of your mouth and will found the root cause of your problem in most effective way possible. However, some major reasons of the problem are as follows:

  1. Smoking and Chewing tobacco:

    Smoking cigarette and shewing tobacco is one of the biggest reasons of poor oral health. It not only reduces the health of teeth and gums but also causes more severe problems like plaque, tartar, gingivitis etc that have adverse impact on teeth.

  2. Poor dental care practices:

    Having a poor dental care is also a big reason for being with the problems like bleeding gums and bad smell in mouth. We recommend regular visits and check up from the skilled and specialised dentist like that at Mumbai Dental Clinic, Udaipur.

  3. Prolonged illness:

    Having the ailments like diabetes and high sugar intake is also a core reason behind the deteriorating oral health. Monitoring and observing a proper controlled lifestyle and having an active lifestyle will be of great help while maintaining your oral health and preventing diseases like bleeding gums and bad smell in mouth.

What can we Do?

We, the dentists and oral health care staff at Mumbai dental Clinic, the best dental care clinic in Udaipur are for your help. Be it the bleeding gums, Its Bad smell or even fallen teeth, you will have a proper treatment and nurturing by us. We hold a good experience in treating various dental ailments that can affect your oral health. Also, we provide proper guidance and support during and after the treatment to our patients so that they can inhibit further damage and problems associated with their teeth and mouth.

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