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Dental problems associated with Diabetes. An expert opinion

Dr.Mahak Jain

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Diabetes is a very serious health issue that affects the entire body. Both, Type 1 and 2 form of diabetes is a grave issue for the health. Especially, it affects the teeth and gum health to a great extent. High Blood sugar causes many severe oral health problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, loose teeth, bad odor from mouth, ulcers, etc. These are some of the serious dental ailments that can further induce stern problems for dental health. Let’s get the detail overview of each:

  1. Tooth Decay (Cavities):

    High Intake if sugar with food and beverages is the major reason behind cavities. The good bacteria’s and enzymes present in mouth and saliva reacts with this sugar and forms a sticky coating on teeth known as plaque. This plaque not only degrades the enamel but also cause the infection on gums. Also, the sugar turn into acid, causing discoloration of teeth and weakening of dental roots.

  2. Gingivitis:

    It is a serious gum disease. Type 2 form of diabetes reduces the immunity and ability of body to recover the damage done to body due to harmful germs. Especially, the mouth is most affected as high blood sugar cause a deposition of hard substance under gums known as tartar. It causes swollen and bleeding gums and loosening of teeth that leads to their eventually falling.

  3. Foul odor from mouth:

    High Sugar intake and blood sugar level causes chemical fermentation of food particles stuck in teeth by bacteria in mouth, causing the release of foul-smelling compounds. This makes the breath smell unpleasant and may also influence confidence of a person.

Besides this, many other crucial oral health problems are associated with high blood sugar level. Diabetes may lead to various grievous damage to mouth. But it can be controlled and prevented. A proper and healthy lifestyle and proper oral care will help in keeping these serious ailments at a bay. Some dental care measures which one can follow to prevent the oral damage due to diabetes:

  1. Prevent and control occurrence of diabetes:

    As the saying is, “Prevention is better than cure.”, one can prevent diabetes and its horrific side effects by keeping a proper check on one’s blood sugar level. It will help in prevention of cavities and gingivitis to a great extent.

  2. Brushing and flossing:

    Brushing regularly in morning and night is a good oral health practice. If you are suffering from diabetes, follow it with mandate. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoride-based toothpaste after meals and floss your teeth to avoid accumulation of food particles.

  3. Regular checkups:

    Make visits to skilled dentists like at Mumbai dental clinic to monitor your dental health and prevention of oral health problems on regular basis.

  4. Avoid smoking and alcohol:

    Smoking cigarettes and liquor affects the enamel and degrade oral health, making the oral health problems worse.

Following all this practices and having a healthy lifestyle with proper care and control of blood sugar levels will help you to have a diabetes free life and good oral health on a long run. Book an appointment with us and get the Dental Clinic In udaipur