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Dental advice on how to recover from root canal treatment

By - Dr. Mahak Jain

Dental advice on how to recover from root canal treatment

We at Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre make the best effort to save the tooth and prevent from cavities. But in some cases of deep cavities we perform root canal treatment to several teeth, and in few patients post operative recovery is slow due to several reasons. Today here we will discuss how to improve your post operative recovery after root canal treatment.

On time medications : All type of medications are given by our dentists for root canal treatment including painkillers, antibiotics, multivitamins, etc. every medicine has its own effect and dosages. Every patient is suppose to finish the medication given by us on time and in proper manner so good and long lasting results will be there. In case of allergy to any drug inform the dentist prior to the treatment.

Eating habits : Patient is adviced to avoid certain foods for a while which you have to follow properly for good results. And to avoid any damage to treated tooth.

Keep an eye on swelling : Normal swelling may occur post treatment start, it’s a sign of healing. But in case of excess swelling contact Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre. Our best team of dentist in Udaipur will guide you or fix an appointment if required.

Give time to heal : All dental procedures take time to heal, rest properly, don’t work too hard and wait for a while.

Proper gargling and using warm saline water : After chewing and eating food proper cleaning, gargling should be there. Oral hygiene should be maintained.

No adverse habits : While you are on medication and your treatment is going on avoid drinking alcohol and tobacco uses. It may give adverse effects to your health. Specially in this time there should be no adverse habits.

Cold compression and eat ice cream : Eating ice cream while treatment is good for healing if you are not diabetic. If you are diabetic use sugar free or eat in a particular quantity. Cold compressions from outside of face should be done 10 to 12 times per day for the duration of 5 min. each, while treatment is going on.

Follow all the above mentioned points and do’s and don’ts. It increases the healing; reduce the pain and swelling as soon as possible. Our team of dentist is committed to provide best dental treatment in Udaipur to every patient. Visit us in every 6 months for routine follow up and get the best advice from our best Root Canal Dentist in Udaipur.


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