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Covid 19 and Dental safety protocols

Dr. Mahak Jain

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Covid-19 has caused us many health ailments and serious well being concerns which has not only affected people but also but their health care protocols to a greater extent. Covid19 is not only affecting the respiratory system and other vital organs of the body but also imply a great deal of adverse impact on overall dental safety and protocols associated with it. People who are and have affected by Covid-19 are greatly susceptible to serious oral health concerns. The reduction in the dental care routines due to Covid 19 has decreased the early and timely diagnosis of dental problems. Along with it, the virus also affects the soft tissues of Oral Cavity . The point to testing facility that is available to quality dental care centres like Mumbai Dental Clinic which is offering quality oral health services even in this hard time of Covid 19.

In this pandemic situation, one may fall prey to many severe dental problems and hence, is required to look after the overall oral care protocols and dental hygiene measures and practices which will act as a safeguard practice for your teeth and other oral organs. A person must understand the significance and importance of overall oral health and care practices in order to avoid any sort of periodontal diseases and problems. Especially, among the kids and young adults, persistence of such problem can deem out to be a major problem and require prior attention. As Covid 19 is a respiratory disease, a general perception says that it may have an adverse impact on respiratory system. However, the impacts on dental well being of a person is more over neglected and this has to be taken in immediate consideration by people and oral health service providers like Mumbai Dental Clinicwho are dedicatedly working on the oral well being of a person

 Various safety protocols and practices can be followed by a person to keep oneself and one’s own family at a bay from serious oral health problems. Some major and easy to follow practices which can be taken in consideration are as follows:

  • Regular use of Mask: In this tough and critical time of Covid 19, placing the proper mask on nose and mouth is a very important practice. As both, nose and mouth plays a very important role in respiration, they are highly prone to be in contact with Covid19 virus. Putting on a mask will not only act as a protective shield but also prevent serious damage.
  • Regular cleaning of teeth, Tongue and gums: Use proper toothpaste, mouth cleaner and floss to reduce the accumulation of food particles and plaque on teeth and gums. Also, time to time massaging of gums is also beneficial.
  • Get immediate help in emergency: In case of any sort of dental health emergency, don’t forget to get immediate help from Mumbai Dental Clinic without any fail. This will be of great help for your overall oral well being.

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