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Child oral health is important. Don’t Ignore it

Dr. Siddharth Jain

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Oral health , is a very important and undeniable aspect of life and one must be relatively aware about its importance from very early age. Hence, the oral health of children or kids is very crucial. As young children are more prone to dental ailments and diseases ,inculcating a proper and good oral hygiene regime from an early age is very important.As kids are fond of sweets and confectionaries, they are highly susceptible to oral problems like.cavities and tooth decay , which may cause distorted dental growth and poor gum health. Especially with the growing culture of fast food and sugar-based diets among kids, such problems are prevailing to a greater level. No matter how good dental care services and practices are followed by best dental care providers like Mumbai Dental Clinic , on the foremost level, parents and caretakers are required to look after the dental care of toddlers and kids.

Almost 12% of children faces one or the other form of dental problems, due to poor oral health. Even the adolescent from age of 12 to 19 have faced problems like unequal dental growth, bleeding gums or even cavities and tooth decay due to unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, in such situations, people around have to bear up the responsibilities of teaching the practices and making kids aware about oral health in an interactive manner. They should be taught about regularly brushing the teeth and avoid heavy usage of chocolates, confectioneries, and other edibles that are high in sugar content. This form of awareness will be of great help and rescue to them and will be a safeguard from many oral health issues. For too young babies, wipe the teeth after the feeding and massage their gums gently to assure good dental care. For toddlers, brushing can be the best solution for preventing the oral decay. Using sugar free toothpaste with small bristled toothbrush will be a very good option and a fun play for them. Also, take care that although fluoride-based tooth paste is good it may not be suitable for young kids.All teeth getting black, Malaligned teeth are most common problem among children, which has to be treated. Parents should not ignore even a small dental problem it may lead to many other oral and systemic issues to the children. All kind of treatments like tooth colored fillings, pulpectomy, pulpotomy, braces(orthodontic) treatment is available for kids which make their teeth proper and give them proper functioning and aesthetics. Our experts are always take good care of kids teeth in any age group. If the Child is reluctant for dental treatment on Dental chair he/she can be treated under general anesthesia or under conscious sedation. All procedures are performed after explanation of treatment to parents. It’s a myth that kids oral health is not necessary but the fact is that it is compulsory. Every child has to visit to dentist for routine check up twice in a Year.

Hence, consult to experienced and skilled dentists and oral care providers like at Mumbai Dental Clinic for the appropriate and most suitable care for your child. Other than this, parents can make sure that brushing and cleaning one’s teeth is made a daily habit, without a fail. Intake of sugary edibles and tooth harming food is also to be kept in a check. Also, in addition to this, regular and timely checkups are required to be observed. If any sort of symptoms related to any dental ailment like tooth decay or cavities is been seen or is observed by parents in their kids, proper dental health guidance is required to be observed or followed without any fail. All this measures and dental care practices will prove out to be of great help to kids, children and their parents to maintain a good oral health of child.

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