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Braces and Clear Aligners:Types and their Benefits

Dr. Siddharth Jain

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Oral Health and dental well-being is an important aspect of overall health. A good dental structure will not only helps to improve your personality but also prevents many serious diseases like oral cancer and cavities. The oral health faces a significant amount of problems and threats from various factors. The most common and basic dental problem that majority of people face is misalignment of teeth. The misaligned teeth’s can be termed as the growth of teeth in an non sequential or abnormal structure, that not only affects the self-confidence of the person, but also may lead to serious oral health issues. The most apt and precise solutions to this problem are braces or clear aligners. Both, oral braces and clear aligners are a major part of treatment in orthodontics. Our dentist in Udaipur examine and guide the patient for all the treatment aspects of the treatment.


The braces are, set of brackets, made up of either polycarbonate or more common, stainless steel. It is the best practiced, age old orthodontic technique ,that can be used for correcting the denture position. Also known as “Metal braces”, this metallic brackets are fixed over misaligned teeth. Wires run through this brackets to make them clasp the teeth or jaw, in whole, more effectively. The tightly held brackets and wires put a gentle, yet constant pressure on teeth, to make them properly align in a symmetry. Although many usage and health based issues are aligned with braces. First, braces can’t be removed easily and requires orthodontic supervision and help to operate. They may be uncomfortable initially to wear and require high level of personal dental hygiene. There are chances of plaque deposition which can be prevented by cleaning the teeth after every meal, using dental floss and interdental brush and rinse the mouth completely to avoid any food particle struck between the teeth or braces. Inadequate hygiene can lead to dental bleeding, loosening of gums, cavities and decolouration of enamel. Also, regular visit to braces specialistis required for check-ups and maintain level of pressure on teeth by brackets.

The other type various types of braces are ceramic, lingual and Invisalign

  1. Ceramic

    This are exactly like Metallic Braces but are tooth coloured or semi-transparent to reduce their visibility. However they are susceptible to discoloration, if not taken proper care and are quite expensive.

  2. Lingual

    They are also made up of metallic braces but are placed posterior of teeth. They are almost invisible but requires great deal of care and oral hygiene.

  3. Self Ligating

    They are made up of Metal or ceramic. Results with self ligating braces come fast and there are very comfortable and give fast results to treat the dental misalignment.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners or aligners, on the other hand, are thin, semi-transparent trays that can be easily removed from teeth. They are nearly invisible in natures and can be beneficial to remove mild to moderate misalignment of teeth. It yields faster results as compared to traditional braces , provided the wearer uses them in disciplined manner, else compromising results. It involves the use of computer program to virtually create the dental condition of mouth to make the precise aligners, making them more successful, compared to braces. Also, it is comfortable to use and requires normal dental hygiene measures to be followed. However, clear aligners are quite costlier than traditional braces and in some cases, patients are required to wear retainers to prevent misalignment of teeth in future. Clear aligners are made by many companies but most famous type is Invisalign. Thus, it can be said that both, clear aligners and braces are a very effective orthodontic treatment methods to cure the misalignment of teeth. In recent time, more patients have shown interest in clear aligners than braces due to its low visibility and ease of use. We suggest you to visit our experts and get your crooked and malaligned teeth fixed with ease and comfort

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