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Why Your Dentist May Recommend Invisalign

Dr. Mahak Jain

Why Your Dentist May Recommend Invisalign

No one likes crooked or malaligned teeth. Everyone needs a straight smile which boosts confidence and gives the proper functioning to the teeth. But how will you get that if you have malpositioned teeth ?? Best treatment for this is an orthodontic treatment to correct the teeth alignment by braces or by Invisalign. Straight teeth are always required to maintain the proper health of teeth and overall mouth.

Braces are the same orthodox way to align the teeth with brackets and wire with metal or ceramic type. But they are very visible and you are bound to visit the dentist every month. On the other hand, Invisalign Treatment is the most advanced way to correct the teeth in proper alignment without any brackets and wire. In Invisalign, the patient doesn’t need to visit the dentist every month. Maximum process of wearing transparent trays can be easily managed by patient only.

Improves Oral Health: In Invisalign, it is very easy to maintain your oral health by on-time brushing and gargling. No complaints of tooth decay and bleeding gums. Eating food is very easy and convenient because there are no wires just transparent trays which you have to remove while having food and again wear that. So maintaining good oral hygiene is won’t be an issue anymore.

Easy to Use: No every month regular sitting is required and the patient can easily clean the oral cavity and the trays as well. While brushing and flossing easily it can be removed so hassle-free process for the patient.

Practically Invisible: Trays are transparent in color so while in a meeting or talking to someone it is not practically much visible.At Our clinic at Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre when patients visit for teeth alignment we suggest both the treatments to the patient. Braces are Pocket friendly but Invisalign is expensive but they have many other positive features. The proper clinical and radiographical examination is done for every patient, according to teeth then time, duration, and type of treatment is decided. On the basis of the pre-operative condition of teeth of the patient, proper simulation video is prepared and post-operative results are shown to the patient. Then Invisalign treatment is started which is completely pain-free.

Our dentists in Udaipur are the best orthodontists in Udaipur and provide the best Dental Treatment Services in Udaipur. It is up to the patient to choose the type, but whatever option you choose results are assured by us to the patient.


Dr. Mahak Jain

Ever heard of a body alive without a heart! Her passion for her work and perseverance in dentistry is what make her the chief dentist of the clinic. Meet Dr. Mahak Jain, the heart of this clinic! She is a BDS by qualification and a Cosmetic dentist as well. A perfect smile, authentic by thought, ingenuous by words, and humble by nature is what makes up Dr. Mahak. Want to be responsibly pampered and cared for? Then, you are at the right table! She is completely devoted to the profession and believes in complete transparency towards her patients. Otherwise, she is an adventure geek and loves to have fun with nature. In her spare time, she loves traveling. She always goes the extra mile to make sure she delivers the best service to her patients and brings the right smile to their faces.

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