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Tooth cleaning/ Scaling,How important it is for our oral Health:

Dr. Mahak Jain

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Teeth are the most important aspect of a person’s overall health and personality and thus has to be perfect. A well shaped, white coloured teeth are a well desirable trait that is required and looked after by everyone. Keeping the teeth white and in well shape is a major challenge which cannot be overcome only by brushing and flossing. The significant concern for the oral health is discoloration and plaque deposition on teeth which makes the teeth to lose its natural beauty and make them look undesirable for others. In such case, you require the best dental care solution which is provided by skilled and efficient dental care experts like at Mumbai Dental Clinic.They will provide you the best help and support related to your teeth.

In regards to tooth scaling and cleaning, which is also called as plaque removal or whitening of teeth, it is processed to avoid serious oral health concerns like gum diseases and adversely affected teeth . The major reason behind this procedure is plaque which is a sticky, germ build up that gradually decrease the gum strength and weakens the tooth. Also, it causes the discoloration and decaying of tooth which can lead to permanent damage. Skilled dentists and oral health experts like that at Mumbai Dental Clinic, henceforth perform tooth cleaning or scaling process. The dental-cosmetic procedure includes two parts:

  1. Scaling/Tooth Cleaning:

    Scaling is a process where a dentist or oral health expert removes all the plaque or tartar (hardened plaque) from the below and around the gum line. This process is carried out in order to make the teeth viable for the further treatment and make them free from any sort of damage causing plaque or impurities that can affect oral health.

  2. Root Planning:

    After the scaling or tooth cleaning process is been carried out, root planning is followed. It includes the smoothening of gums and rearranging the dental pockets, so that they can hold the tooth firmly, preventing their bleeding and loosening up. It may or may not require specialised medical attention, depending upon the severity of case.

This procedure is relatively and significantly very important and is required to be followed on regular intervals. Especially, if you are facing the problem of bleeding gums, plaque formation or are prone to smoking and drinking alcohol, it is a must for you to go for scaling and root planning, time to time. Reputed dental and oral health experts like that from Mumbai Dental Clinic, known to provide the best dental care services suggests that suitable adoption of scaling or tooth cleaning process from an experienced and skilled dentist or oral heath care provider will be a beneficial step to ensure a better oral health. It not only improves the life of your teeth and gums but also protects them from other dreadful oral health ailments like gingivitis and cavities. Thus, get tooth cleaning/ scaling on regular basis.

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