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Smoking Kills the Oral Health Most Effectively

Dr Siddharth Jain

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Now a days, people tend to follow the western culture to a greater extent. Many unhealthy practices and traits are becoming a part of our daily life and affecting our health and overall wellbeing. One of such practice is Smoking and Tobacco. Smoking not only affects mouth and lungs, but complete body, in one or the other way. Taking just one smoke drag from cigarette,vape, cigars, pipes etc releases a great amount of harmful chemicals like nicotine and tar. Especially, it affects oral health to the most as your mouth is in direct contact with the smoke and the chemicals released after combustion. Smoking affects the gums, teeth, tongue and other soft tissues of mouth, affecting their functioning and degrade the health of inner gums and cheek tissues.

Some major implications which are caused by smoking on the oral health can be bad breath, tooth discoloration, severe inflammation and pain in salivary glands, increase tartar and plaque buildup, reduction in gum girth and tooth loss and in most serious cases oral cancer. It also has following insinuations like:

  1. Delayed healing of the gums and tooth:

    Smoking causes the release of oxygen inhibiting compounds that not only directly impact the oral tissues and organs, but also reduce oxygen level in blood. This causes the loosening of gums and may further lead to tooth fall. In this case, the gap occurred in gums is not healed properly and effectively due to presence of harmful chemical compounds and lack of adequate oxygen in blood. In serious cases, the plaque and tartar formed restrict the medications prescribed as per oral administration.

  2. Oral dilapidation:

    This is a health condition caused by excessive tobacco consumption and chain smokers. Due to excessive smoking, the oral tissues become resistant and less tensile, causing jaw locking, stiffening of tongue, white patches in mouth in form of leukoplakia, and cancer of mouth and throat. Also, the severe periodontal condition and decrease in bone density of mandible reducing the chances of success for a dental implant or surgery.

What to do in such case?

First and foremost, show some will power and quit smoking from immediate effect. This will help in reducing the further damage to your oral health. Secondly, seek the help and guidance of skilled dental experts like at Mumbai Dental Clinic .A good and skilled dentist will not only help to revive back the health of your mouth and will impede further damage caused to your mouth. Proper medication, prescribed practices and surgery in serious cases will be of great help for the prevention of the degradation caused to your teeth due to smoking. Also, the regular visits and checkups will help in keeping an eye on the underlying after effects on oral health, pertaining to smoking. Skilled dental assistance like at Mumbai Dental Clinic will improve your oral health and reduce the chances of reoccurrence of fatal and grave diseases that are been mentioned above.

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