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Partially Decayed or Broken tooth, Tooth coloured filling is the best solution

Dr. Mahak Jain

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A beautiful smile is first and foremost important signature of an individual’s personality. Beautiful teeth, lips and expression are the most important aspect of a graceful and attractive smile. Other than this, a good smile and beautiful teeth plays a key role in elevating the confidence level of a person. However, many people get deprived of this nature’s gift due to broken and decayed teeth. And this is the core reason many a times people avoid smiling on public places. The broken and decayed teeth ruin the beauty of a person’s smile. In this case, tooth colored fillings come to your rescue. With the help of skilled dental experts like that at Mumbai Dental Clinic , you can get the best solution for the broken and decaying tooth. Basically, tooth colored filling is a part of dental restoration process. Teeth are filled with any form of nano particle filling material to cover the gap or cavity caused due to breaking or decaying of teeth. Earlier, metal amalgams were used for this purpose, which were very risky, but we use reputed dental care techniques and materials which helps us to provide best dental treatments in udaipur.

Patients can choose among the various option among the tooth fillings, based on their comfort and requirement. Some of the major variants are as follows:

  1. Composite Fillings:

    The dentist will clean the broken or decayed tooth and then layers of composite resins are laid to fill the cavity. Once the filling is dried or semi-wet, dentist will give it a natural shape as per your comfort. They are the most strongest filling material which gives proper strength and aesthetics to the patient according to his desire.

  2. Glass Inomer:

    It exactly looks like natural tooth enamel and is primarily used by skilled dentist like at Mumbai Dental Clinic to inhibit recurring tooth decay. It is mostly used in small fillings, where the biting force is less applied, because they are not so strong as compared to composite, and they do come with few instructions which patients have to follow for better outcome.

Some of the core benefits which the tooth colored filling gives is that it helps in improving your oral or dental functions and aesthetics which returns your lost confidence. We suggest you to visit us in every six months and get a routine checkup done so small decayed parts can be restored with fillings, as the decay portion of tooth increases it changes the treatment plan and increases the cost. Tooth colored fillings are 100% reliable procedure to follow in compared to silver fillings, and skilled dentists like at Mumbai Dental Clinic make it perfectly safe and beautiful to each and every patient.

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