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How Your Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

By - Dr. Mahak Jain

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Best Orthodontist in Udaipur are says Dental health is a very important factor that plays role in general health. Several studies show that many diseases like respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, gastric problems may be associated with oral health. Not going for proper routine checkups for kids with our kids dentist in Udaipur may lead to several problems for kids. Carious teeth have bacteria that go inside while chewing food or having chocolate which leads to serious gastric problems for the kids. Same like this Malaligned or crooked teeth if not treated properly by braces specialist may lead to severe problems to gums, which may further lead to systemic disease.

Relation of Oral health with Systemic disease :

Diabetes – Some studies point to a common relationship between gum disease and diabetes. Whenever we control or treat diabetes condition of our gums is improved and whenever periodontal diseases are treated insulin uses of person is reduced.

HIV/AIDS – In condition of HIV/ AIDS oral ulcer, oral lacerations are very common to the patient. It mainly depends on the severity of the disease.

Osteoporosis In this condition bones of body become fragile so it affects jaw bone as well. Teeth might get loose in early symptoms, jaw bone become fragile. Even some cases bone is not good for dental implants to provide teeth to the person.

Cancer –Due to heavy dosages and medication oral condition get worsen, bad smell, ulcers, reddishness are most common problems.

Heart Disease - Oral health is very related to cardiovascular disease it affects. One should maintain proper oral health to avoid heart related problems.

Now Its Important that How to Maintain Good Oral Health :

Visiting our dental doctors in udaipur will help keep your mouth clean and healthy, and will allow our team of best dentists to check up on your oral health over time. Dental exams can examine poor nutrition, hygiene, and development problems, and providing our dentist with a complete medical history will help further any connections you may have to your health. Other practices can include:

  • 1.You should brush your teeth twice a day with dentist recommended tooth paste.
  • 2.Flossing is important which removes plaque.
  • 3.Healthy diet is very important.
  • 4.Consumption of tobacco and cigarettes should be stopped.
  • 5.Should consult our team of dentists twice a year atleast.

Just like with any part of the body, you have to maintain oral health lifelong. At Mumbai Dental clinic & implant Centre: Udaipur, we can perform dental checkups and exams for our patients with assurance and confidence. Under the excellent team of Dr. Mahak Jain, you will receive the best dental treatments in Udaipur. Our complete team is dedicated to providing the best dental treatment like Kids dentistry, Braces Treatment, Teeth whitening, dental implants, root canal treatment. We have a team of top dentists in Udaipur.

So Book an appointment with our experts and maintain your oral and systemic health as well :



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