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How To Protect Your Teeth During The Rainy Season

Dr. Siddharth Jain

How To Protect Your Teeth During The Rainy Season

Like we take care of our body and surroundings we don’t take care of our teeth weather its milk teeth or permanent teeth specially in rainy season. It is utmost important to maintain oral hygiene. Out best Dentists in Udaipur advice to take proper care of teeth in this rainy season

In Monsoon season most of us have problem of sensitive teeth. This sensitivity often happens due to the consumption of something very cold or hot food and beverages.. During the rainy season, our intake of hot coffee or tea increases and it leads to sensitivity.

Tips to Maintain Tooth Sensitivity :

Proper brushing and rinsing should be done and oral hygiene should be maintained. No food lodgments should be there. Minimum 2 times a day brushing should be done.Avoid eating and drinking excessive cold and hot food and beverages like coffee or tea. It increases chances of bad breath and increases more chances to grow bacteria in oral cavity.

Reduce intake of added sugar, preservatives and processed food

Timely change the tooth brush so proper cleaning can be achieved from it. Flossing should be done.

Be hydrated and proper nose breathing should be there. Avoid taking breathe from mouth.

Tongue cleaning is very necessary.

Uses of prescribed mouthwashes are good to maintain oral hygiene.

Regular visit to our expert dentists is advised for better Dental treatment.

All the above instructions if followed properly will protect your teeth from cavity or discoloring. Smiles are precious and free so spread them more, especially during these tough times it will be the sweetest thing to see.

If Proper oral care is not maintained sensitivity may turn up into pain and then our team of best endodontists in Udaipur will help you treated with multiple options like Fillings, Onlays Or Root canal treatment.


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