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Gummy Smile is your concern, Don’t worry we will fix it

By - Dr. Mahak Jain

Gummy Smile is your concern, Don’t worry we will fix it

Best dentist in Udaipur says the gummy smile is that smile that shows a disproportionate part of the gum tissue. Since there is no objective quantity that determines what is "disproportionate", we will say that the gummy smile is totally subjective and varies depending on who perceives it.

Although it may sound different, in many cases gummy smile has an easy fix, and treatment does not always involve surgery.

What do we mean by a gummy smile?

Despite this subjectivity when it comes to perceiving the gummy smile, at the dental level we have tried to limit the maximum to have a system as standard as possible. Thus, dentists consider that showing more than two millimeters of gum for men and more than 4 for women is considered a gum smile. The difference between the two sexes for the minimum amount necessary to consider the alteration corresponds to the usual natural differences between men and women. However, it must be said that a gum smile is not associated with an increased risk of gum disease unless the gum exposure is truly extreme.

Causes of a gummy smile

The origin of the gummy smile is generally associated with 4 factors, in particular:

  • Modified passive eruption

    In this case, the eruption of the teeth does not acquire the necessary dimension, and as a result, part of the dental crown is covered by the gum tissue. It seems that in this case, it is the tooth that makes the beauty of the gum.

  • Too long jaw

    When the upper jaw grows too vertically, that is, when there is an overgrowth of the maxilla, the exposed gum tissue is irreparably larger, unless the upper lip is also excessively large and covers more gum than usual.

  • Upper lip short or too offset

    Another of the usual cases. When the upper lip is short, it cannot cover enough gums. In other cases, the lip has too much mobility and when smiling, it rises excessively, exposing a large part of the gum area.

  • Low dental position

    This cause refers to the excessive eruption of the upper incisors due to a lack of contact with the lower teeth. In other words, the upper central teeth erupt more because they do not find contact with the lower teeth.

Treatment against gummy smile

Treatments to correct a gum smile are varied and include treatments as diverse as orthodontics, gingivectomy, botox, or orthognathic surgery. Let's see each procedure for which cases it is indicated.

  • Treatments for short or very mobile upper lip

    When the factor that generates gummy smile is unrelated to dento-maxillofacial structures, the solution lies in non-dental procedures. Thus, one of the options so that the lip does not move as much and show as much gum is to modify the movement of the said lip by infiltrations of Botox, thus preventing the muscle from exerting too much force and managing to hide a part of the gum tissue. As you might have imagined, this latter treatment should be consulted at your trusted aesthetic medicine center.

  • Treatments for an altered passive rash

    For those cases where the gum covers the teeth too much due to insufficient eruption of the teeth, surgery is also the solution, but in this case in a much less intrusive manner. The surgery is actually a gingivectomy, where using a scalpel (electric or conventional) or a laser, the dentist cuts off the excess gum area, so to speak, shaping it until the smile shows the coronary part which should be visible. The process is relatively simple as it is performed only under local anesthesia and its recovery is very simple and bearable.

  • Treatments for a jaw that is too long

    This is undoubtedly the most difficult cause to correct since in order to correct decompensation it is necessary to resort to orthognathic surgery. This type of surgery makes it possible to modify and correctly position the bony structures of the face to successfully accommodate the dentition. Specifically, the procedure involves cutting the upper jaw to move it vertically upward. As you can imagine, this surgery, while safe and controlled, is still a complex and quite intrusive procedure.

  • Treatment of low tooth position

    For this type of gingival smile, the solution is to correct the position of the teeth through orthodontic treatment. It is therefore a question of correcting the defect by bringing the teeth in the right position to reduce the gingival smile and create a more adequate occlusion between the two dental arches.

To get rid of a gummy smile, it is essential to understand and correctly diagnose the cause(s) of this condition, as well as provide a complete review of the gum treatment. A complete clinical examination is critical to achieving suitable outcomes.


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