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Mucormycosis/ Black Fungus association with Covid 19 : Prevention and Care

Dr. Siddharth Jain

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Populations affected from Covid 19 are at higher risk of involvement of mucormycosis/ Black Fungus due to weakened immunity. During treatment of Covid 19 steroids are used and which causes Diabetes to the patient.

Covid 19 and Diabetes both weaken the immunity to such an extent that several microorganisms may attack and affect the body mainly on the brain, lungs and oral cavity if not properly taken care off. Regular checkups and maintenance of oral hygiene is very important after this viral infection. Severity of fungal infection is more in the second wave than the first wave and it is affecting a large number of the population with severe damage. If you find any of the above mentioned symptoms, you should contact dentist for oral cancer in Udaipur.

One way to stop the possibility of the fungal infection is to make sure thatCovid-19 patients - both in treatment and after recovery - were being administered the right dose and duration of steroids and maintenance of Sugar level, hygiene and regular checkups.

Patients suffering from the fungal infection typically have symptoms of push discharge from oral cavity, severe toothache, severe and continue dryness may be there, facial swelling, stuffy and bleeding nose, swelling of and pain in the eye, drooping of eyelids, and blurred and finally, loss of vision. In oral cavity mainly maxilla is affected by black fungus as it is highly vascular, even it may lead to maxillary necrosis.

To prevent oral infection, people have to take care of proper brushing of the oral cavity, proper use of mouthwash and regular checkups and visit to the dentist is mandatory. Even any kind of slight infection and problem cannot be ignored in this pandemic situation. We advise you to visit our dental hospital in udaipur for a proper clinical, radio-graphical and histopathological diagnosis if you are suffering from any kind of dental pain or oral problems. Our experts are always there to resolve any issue associated with oral health.

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